AMRAP in 20 min

10 pushup 2 rows 15/20 ea.
20 squats
20 stab back extensions
1 min cardio

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the “Burpee Challenge”

Rookies - 22 burpees
Experienced - 39 burpees
Vets - 56 burpees

Workout Notes:

  1. On the pushup2row: Wide stance, deep pushup, square shoulders, drive elbows past body.

  2. Can’t do 10 in a row? Snake em.

  3. Adding a squat and a back ext. makes this a perfect, full body workout.

  4. Thanks to @Justin_McQueen for the cool pushup2row idea.

  5. This is the beta. There will likely be other versions of it. I really like that P2P movement. Have seen people doing it for years. Never occurred to me to put it in a workout.

  6. Have movements you’d like to see incorporated into a workout. Message me! (@gppneil)

  7. In terms of the extras … This is what we were doing on the 13th day of our challenge. Are you still up to it? Hope you timed your last one.

GPP Cert?

I stopped doing these on a large scale 5 yrs ago. Back then the cert was designed for those who wanted to use the instruction exclusively for becoming a GPP Trainer. Things have changed a little.

Now it’s a movement seminar.

It’s more of a seminar for everyone. Yes! You still get all the philosophy of movement and nutrition as before (it’s improved!), the difference is we don’t spend as much time on how to conduct classes or be a trainer.

I’ve always been of the opinion that EVERYONE should have access to training secrets. Now, you’ll have them. It’s my hope you’ll use this training to improve your efforts in the gym and at home. I also hope you’ll be able to help folks around you, both in the gym and everywhere else! I’ve always thought GPP Peeps are better instructors than most trainers in the biz. Now they’ll have our endorsement to prove it! Hope you can reserve the days!