Each individual gets to PICK which REPS go with which MOVEMENT. Begin by picking which movement you want to do 100 reps of. Then 90, then 80 and so on down to 10. You may not do the same movement or rep scheme twice. CHOOSE WISELY!

For time:

The REPS are: 100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10


air squats

KB swings 25/35
thrusters 45/65
power cleans 65/95
calories burned on rower
lunges (R+L=1)

Post rep scheme per movement and total time of the workout.

Workout Notes:

  1. I like to circle back to a new workout 1 week after I drop it on you. It lets us put a few more memories and miles on it before we put it away for a few months.

  2. 100 calories on a rower takes a LONG time!

  3. Pro tip: One thing to NEVER do during burpees

  4. How to do a kipping pullup (see vid R)

  5. Power Cleaning for Beginners

  6. Special THANK YOU to Shmoopy for another GPP original!

Musings …

Had a ton of fun working on the farm (using our fitness) this weekend. Honestly didn’t get tired. Wasn’t able to haul hay as planned. The weather wasn’t cooperating. Next week for sure! BTW - anyone want to put in an honest day’s work next weekend? Hay hauling hand bales is fun-ish!

What did you do with your weekend? Post activities to comments.