AMRAP 25 min.

5 burpees
10 KB high Sumos 25/35
15 OH DB triceps press 20/25
20 DB conditioning curls 15/20 ea. (R+L=1)
25 goblet squats 15/20
30 stab crunches

Post rounds completed to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. It’s been a rough week. I toyed with ending it with a bang. Mini Megs was loaded up and I just didn’t have guts to pull the trigger. Schmoopy’s “High Five” combined with “Shredding” has us all limping. Not that this workout doesn’t have teeth. In any case “Workout Note #4” should be heeded.

  2. Vets, aim for 6 rounds in the 25 mins.

  3. Going hard at your middle here. It’s prep for next week.

  4. Don't dawdle.

  5. If conditioning curls give your elbows fits, do the movements with palms facing up at all times. Also, don’t straighten your arms all the way.

Musings …

Shoulders HATE heavy weighted rotations!