Warm up -

500m row (slow)
30 KB deadlifts 35/54
3 sets of 30 sec ea. ham/glute/quad stretches

Workout -

800m sprint 
rest 3 min. - complete 20 V-ups during rest

2 x 400m sprints 
rest 2 min between ea. - complete 20 V-ups during each rest

4 x 200m sprints
rest 1 min between ea. - complete 20 V-ups during each rest

Finish with

3 sets of 30 sec ea. ham/glute/quad stretches

Post times of each individual sprint and thoughts to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. If you are doing this in the dark, please bring a light.

  2. That 800 is a bit long to technically be called a “sprint.” Just don’t jog this.

  3. The 400s and 200s should feel like the worst thing you’ve done for a couple of years.

  4. We haven’t done this one since 2013. Time to bring it back. Should feel nice after “Shredding.”

  5. If your calves are still too tight to sprint, move the workout indoors to the bikes.

Musings …

Do You Eat Before Workouts?

Whether, or not to eat before a workout is a very personal thing.  Many need something light (usually quick digesting carbs) on board within 15 minutes of 3-2-1-GO!  Some don't do well unless they've consumed a full meal within half an hour.  Others have to workout on empty, or it's a Yak fest. 

Each of us have different needs, but only a few of us have been lucky enough to find what consistently works to fuel our workouts.  In the interest of strengthening our community please share any hard earned knowledge, or experience you've obtained about eating before workouts. 

It would be helpful to know what you eat, how long before a workout you eat it, what specific affect it has on you, and what successes and failures you made along the way that helped you determine your findings.  Also, are there different types of meals for different types of workouts? 


I have to be on E before a GPP workout. Nothing in my stomach at all. If I eat, it has to be 2 full hours before. Even then, I usually get an upset stomach. Sometimes this lasts for a couple days.

If I'm about to do an endurance workout (low intensity, long duration) I can eat something light an hour before. It's best for me if I do complex carbs (don't really believe in that term, actually) like oatmeal, or high fiber cereal. I can do a little fruit with it but I have to be careful. Too much sweet stuff and it'll spike my blood sugar and I'll get an insulin spike. This'll put me in a hole out of the starting gate. I'll crash early and have NO energy throughout the activity. This makes my rides a living hell.

Sometimes before a long cycle, or ride I can pump some high glycemic stuff on board within 15 minutes of GO to great effect. Especially if there is some caffeine included. Seems to give me a sustained boost.