800m run (1x)


5 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts 95/135
10 inchworms
10 pullups


100 situps  

Post times for run, 5 rounds of work and time for situps to comments.

Daily Extras - Run another 800 (after the situps)

Workout Notes:

  1. Combining heavy deads with pullups (50) is what got this banned for a time (we haven’t done this one since 2012). See vid (workout note #5) to help prevent rips.

  2. We Deadlift

  3. Better Abs Situps - Not that regular situps aren’t effective enough, but there are ways of going more directly at your abs. Here is one way.

  4. Make sure you get a hamstrings stretch on every inchworm. When combined with DLs we can effectively increase your hamstrings flexibility today.

  5. How to Use Tape to Prevent Rips

Loving springtime!

Loving springtime!