Begin doing reps of any given exercise. Time how long it takes you to do those reps. When you are done, hold a plank for that amount of time before moving to the next exercise.

20 burpee pullups
40 pushups (strict)
60 kettlebell swings
80 high sumos 45/65
100 double unders
200 m run
1000 m row

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Daily Extras - Find a buddy and do the original "Planko."

Assemble into teams of 2 people and complete the following for time:

50 burpee pullups
100 pushups
150 kettlebell swings
200 high sumos 45/65
300 double unders
min high knee band sprints
1000m row

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1.  While one teammate is completing reps the other must be holding an ab bridge.  
2.  If the teammate holding the ab bridge touches down teammates must switch.
3.  No reps may be counted unless the ab bridge teammate is in position.  
4.  If the ab bridging teammate touches down while the other teammate is running THAT teammate loses the Rx.

Workout Notes ...

  1. The thing about this workout is, it will SMOKE your shoulders. It's meant to smoke your abs, and it does, but it has to go through your shoulders to get to them. On average, the vets will spend a little less than 20 minutes planking throughout this workout. ROUGH!

  2. If your shoulders start to object and you'd still like to stay in the game, try this move (below) Shmoopy is demoing. It'll give your shoulders a bit of a rest without losing all benefit to your core. 

  3. Break the planks into more manageable chunks by timing half the reps (or whatever), then plank, then do the other half (or whatever), and plank. 


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