6 rounds on the clock: 

55 sec running sprint on bike
5 sec transition
55 sec v-ups
5 sec transition
55 sec KB swing 25/35
5 sec transition
55 sec fr. weighted plate switch 10/15
5 sec transition
55 sec row
30 sec transition

Post thoughts on getting more out of this workout to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the "Plus" version. That's 2 extra rounds.

Be warned, your workout will extend into the next class period. You'll likely need to be a little patient and not be on the clock, or just wait a couple min while the trainer demos the workout for the next class. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. It's CORE week! Giddyup!

  2. The GPP Soreness Scale - Musings by Neil

  3. Put the saddle all the way down. Do your pedaling out of the saddle. Sprint!

  4. Experiment with a heavier KB swing. It might take a step up (35/54) to really tax you.

  5. You should be breathing heavy throughout this entire workout. 

  6. Limit transition times. Those 5 secs come at you fast. Be looking ahead to the next station.

  7. Don't bother strapping yourself into the row. Takes too long. Plus you are only going to be there, like, 55 seconds. 

  8. No bikes/rowers? Cool. Any 1 min cardio move aimed at incr HR is fine (burpees, running, rope jumps, plate switches, etc.).  

Chantel making those tick-tocks a little more tricky!

Chantel making those tick-tocks a little more tricky!