Complete 4 rounds

20 twist punch R M/H
20 twist punch L M/H
20 high elbow R
20 high elbow L
20 stab twist crunch (R+L=1)
20 stab twist back ext (R+L=1)
20 swipers 15/20 (R+L=2)

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Daily Extras - 

Should have some time left after this one.

Complete 1000 rope jumps. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Alternate R/L on the twist crunches, twist back ext & swipers.

  2. Be deliberate about each movement and stay busy, but don't rush. 

  3. Your midsection does 4 things. It flexes forward, it extends backwards, it bends to the sides, and it twists. We are focusing on the twist today.

  4. Remember to keep your elbows up on those punches and high elbows. Elbows should be on the same plane of motion as your wrists and shoulders. If your wrist is bent, it's a pretty good bet your elbow is down. This means you are putting sheering forces on your shoulder joints. Your shoulders hate to be weighted (i.e. bands) while externally and internally rotating. 

  5. Don’t have a resistance band? Here’s an alt. you can try using a dumbbell.

Musings …

Movement Begets Better Movement

This is just one of the concepts we’ll discuss in more depth at the Intensive this weekend. Hope you’ll join us!

More Musings …

Got a message from Jamie in Canada asking about interval training versus a consistent pace when running. Which is better? I suggest running at a consistent pace. Remember, GPP IS your interval training. I’ll be making a video to get more in depth. But here is the video that inspired her question.