5 rounds: 

20 KB swing squats 25/35
:30s front plank
:30s side plank R
:30s lying 6" leg hold
:30s side plank L
200 m run

Post "DONE!" to comments. Also, would value you feedback on this new workout. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. That swing squat rocks! To get the most out of it sit deep into that squat each time. 

  2. Don't angle the KB so far away from you at the bottom of the movement that you have to round your back to reach it. 

  3. Pause each swing squat in the bottom of the move for a count.

  4. Do the swing squats OTC, if possible. Once finished with your 20 reps, begin the clock for the rest of the workout.

  5. You have 1 min to complete the 200m run. 

  6. No stinkbugging. No swag-backing.

  7. Alt for the side plank is: raised hand on floor, feet unstacked. 

  8. Press low back into floor during leg hold. Use hands to rock pelvis "back."