Complete 2 rounds:

Complete 500 rope jumps for time.  
Post time of each effort to comments.  

Complete 4 rounds:

5 BB push-presses AHAP
max effort pushups (strict)
rest 90 seconds

Post weight and max number of pushups from each round to comments.

Complete 4 rounds:

OH BB presses (strict) AHAP
max effort pushups (strict)
rest 60 seconds

Post weight and max number of pushups from each round to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the “Burpee Challege”

Rookies - 26 burpees
Experienced - 47 burpees
Vets - 68 burpees

Workout Notes: 

  1. PLEASE BE CAREFUL TODAY! Pushers and Burpees (for the extra) together could be too much. Be smart about this workout. Scale, or drop either the pushers or the burpees. If you feel up to it, charge it. If you feel doubt, don’t double up.

  2. Any time you go OH with a heavy bar using momentum, you generally need to be fully recharged before attempting another set. Note that I'm only suggesting 90 sec rest after those heavy push-presses. It won't be enough rest for rookies. Rookies, please take more time. 5 min isn't too much. Make sure you are fully recharged before attempting a heavy bar OH. Vets, still be careful, but try to do it as written. 

  3. Do rope jumps like THIS

  4. Max effort pushups = number max pushups you can perform unbroken in ONE bout. 

  5. Remember: the NEW push press standard is, heels cannot leave the ground.

  6. Having a hard time doing strict pushups from your toes, but doing them from your knees = too easy? Try THESE.


Ever felt like you’re gonna lose your cookies or get super light headed from a workout?

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