AMRAP in 20 min

10 pushup 2 rows 15/20 ea.
20 squats
20 stab back extensions
1 min cardio

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras -Do the “Burpee Challege”

Rookies - 22 burpees
Experienced - 39 burpees
Vets - 56 burpees

Workout Notes:

  1. On the pushup2row: Wide stance, deep pushup, square shoulders, drive elbows past body.

  2. Can’t do 10 in a row? Snake em.

  3. Adding a squat and a back ext. makes this a perfect, full body workout.

  4. Thanks to @Justin_McQueen for the cool pushup2row idea.

  5. This is the beta. There will likely be other versions of it. I really like that P2P movement. Have seen people doing it for years. Never occurred to me to put it in a workout.

  6. Have movements you’d like to see incorporated into a workout. Message me! (@gppneil)