With a continuously running clock, repeat 15x before moving on: 

10 sec floor to OH bar hold 45/95
10 sec rest

30 sec transition, then repeat 15x before moving on: 

10 sec hanging knee-up holds
10 sec rest

30 sec transition, then complete with as few rests as possible:

5 min hip bridge holds

30 sec transition, then complete with as few rests as possible: 

5 min plank from elbows

Post "Rx" if you completed the workout as posted. Otherwise post weight alts, missed reps and falls to comments. 

Daily Extras - Do the “Burpee Challege”

Rookies - 21 burpees
Experienced - 37 burpees
Vets - 53 burpees

Workout Notes: 

  1. From MegESegraves in comments: “Plank? I should have stretched my back a bit more before starting. It was cramping from bridge. Several knee taps and a few readjustments.”

  2. From Judy B in comments: “We have done Squad before, and with other variations, but never this exact version. Did squad with monsters a few times so might look for that one for your weight.”

  3. Common alt for the Hanging Knee-up Hold.

  4. Program a clock to continuously repeat 15 rounds of: 10 sec work + 10 sec rest.  During the work phase, take a bar from floor to OH & hold for the remainder of 10 sec.  At the 10 sec bell, lower to the ground WITHOUT A DROP and rest for the remainder of 10 sec.  Repeat 15x.   

  5. Go heavier if last time was too easy for you. 

  6. You might want to weight the bar in small increments. Bumpers seem to go on and off during this workout. Please watch out for stacks of weights on the floor. 

  7. The inspiration for the NO DROP instructions is due to the fact that our cheer guys cannot drop the flyers. They have to catch the girls on the way down. There is MUCH fitness in this, but you have to be careful.  Wrestling the bar back to the ground takes more energy, precision and concentration. If your concentration lapses for even a second, you are exposing yourself to potential injury.  If you feel you are too tired to put it back to the ground softly, just bail.

  8. When you are moving weight overhead NEVER use a false grip (read THIS ). Especially if you plan on getting tired and sweaty! 

Enjoy those bars today! Linds and I souped them up!