25 min AMRAP:

20 floor to OH 15/20 ea.
20 lat pull downs 6/8
20 situps
200 m run (1 min cardio)

Post rounds completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Do the “Burpee Challege”

Rookies - 20 burpees
Experienced - 35 burpees
Vets - 50 burpees

Workout Notes:

  1. Remember, DBs must touch shoulders on the way up and down. IOW you may not snatch the DBs to OH.

  2. Pulldowns are done with a cable.

  3. Any time we do high volume floor to OH there is a very real chance of DOMS within the next day or two. Prevention is key here!

Had a fun day with Pop at Hardware Ranch. Get outside and use your fitness with the people you love. It’s what it’s all about.

Musings …

You can only have as much Pleasure as you do Pain…