Complete 2 Rounds of:

10 power cleans 65/95
40 pass-through step back lunges 15/20 (R+L=2)
10 power cleans 65/95
40 twist crunches (R+L=2)
10 power cleans 65/95
40 GPP mountain climbers (R+L=2)
10 power cleans 65/95
40 twisting good mornings 15/20 (R+L=2)

Post done to comments.

Daily Extras- Add another round.

Workout Notes:

  1. This one will be a bit short. Most of you have been plowing “Bossames” and need some extra rest. If you don’t need more rest, either take extra time to work on passing off more “Bossames,” or work on strength stuff below.

  2. If your back is fried from yesterday’s KBs lighten up your PC 45/65

  3. Power Cleaning for beginners. (vid)

  4. Why step back lunges vs forward? (vid)

  5. Do your plank jacks wider than is comfortable.

  6. Stand all the way “UP” on good mornings EACH MVMT.

  7. Ab progressions (vid)

  8. GPP has a special way of doing MTN climbers. Please don’t do those silly “toe taps.”

Strength Bias -


800 m row
50 stab situps
50 mid cable rows 7/10
sit-squat hip mobility stretch

Workout: 6 sets of 5 reps each

5 back squats AHAP
5 lat pull-down AHAP

Post weights used per set to comments.

Strength Bias Workout Notes:

  1. Do this workout or the other, not both. I guess, unless you are feeling froggy! :)

  2. Try to use heavier weights than you did last week.

  3. These are best done in straight sets.

  4. Before you perform your first “work set” take 2 or 3 warm-up sets with a lighter weight.

  5. Perform reps at high speed without sacrificing form.

  6. Perfect form on those back squats! If you have a little back trouble, keep the movement a little shallow today. We have a VERY long time to get lower and lower. It’ll come. Don’t force it today.

  7. Form up on those pulls while still using the momentum of your upper body. Controlled monkey motion perhaps? Focus should always be on those lats.

She is my sunshine! Happy Birthday Linds!

She is my sunshine! Happy Birthday Linds!