AMRAP in 20 min:

10 burpees
20 KB swings 25/35
10 BB back squats 45/65
20 v-ups
10 BB biceps curls 45/65
20 KB swings
10 skull crushers 45/65
20 v-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Normally, I would have programmed many more reps in a workout like this. Thing is, I need a gasser today. This means you'll need to be going from thing to thing quickly. Therefore the lower rep scheme.

  2. It also means that "thing to thing" needs to be heavy. If the suggested weight isn't making you breathe heavily I suggest more weight. <--- Rookies ignore!

  3. V-ups are meant to offset the KB swings. Attack them! <--- Rookies ignore!

  4. Be strict as possible on the biceps.

  5. Even the most experienced vet might need to bounce the skull crushers. Try not to.

  6. No extras today. If you need more, speed up. <--- Rookies ignore!

  7. Pro tip: One thing to never do during burpees.

  8. Thumbnail: Our library collection begins - Thanks Judy!

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