Warm-up -

4 min cardio
50 situps 
1 min sit squat hip mobility

Workout -

Complete 4 "giant sets" of:

back squats AHAP
12 front squats AHAP
25 squat to box jumps
Rest 5 min

Finish workout with 50 stability ball situps and some light piriformis & low back stretches (3 sets of 30-60 seconds).

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extra’s-

Tick Tock Tabata’s

tic-tocks R 25/35
tic-tocks L 25/35

Using a Tabata clock, complete as many reps as possible for Exercise #1 during the first 20 sec. When you hear the bell, transition immediately (NO REST) to the second exercise (#2) and perform as many reps as possible for 10 seconds. Continue moving back and forth between exercises (without rest) until you've completed 8 rounds of each.

Upon completing 8 rounds of each, rest for 1 min. Then flip-flop the exercises so that you are now doing 20 sec of exercise #2 and 10 sec of exercise #1 of the SAME couplet.

Workout Notes:

  1. We are continuing with our typical/atypical programming this week. I’m loving it, are you? I think the Hatfield method is just what are bodies needed this week.

  2. The warm up and the finisher on this workout are important today. When you put a heavy bar on your back and squat it, your spine takes a lot of that load and becomes compressed. The ab work and the stretching, more so the piri stretching will help decompress the spine.

  3. Again with the giant sets! Sshhh…it’s ok.

  4. And also, in case you missed yesterday’s notes…Want to know where "Hatfields" come from? Hatfield: What, How & Why 

  5. Make sure to watch the demo vids for the back and front squats. Bar placement is key!

  6. Remember, you can back squat much heavier weight than you can front squat. Don’t even think about using the same bar for that. Which leads me to say, sharing bars will be a must in a busy class, especially on the rack.

Musings …

It’s been a weird week of programming. Here’s why …