Complete as many reps as possible in 2 minutes of the following exercise.  Rest only :15s transitioning from one exercise to the next.  Exercises are:

walking lunges (counted 1+1=1)
rope jumps
tick tock R 25/35
tick tock L 25/35
Aussie pullups
Superman back ext.
tap down crunches
donkey kicks

Post reps completed per exercise to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Super hard to pick a workout for today. Everything is fried. Just as it should be. Wondering how I do the programming? Watch the vid to the R. I tell all my secrets. I WANT you to know! Please share with your peeps.
  2. Don't like Donkey kicks? Maybe you just don't have a wall that'll take the abuse. Cool, do mountain climbers instead. Count them 1+1=1. 
  3. Have you checked out our instagram stories yet? I've been posting a lot of tips and tricks there. Even previewed today's workout.  

Musings ...

I believe in the triumph of the human spirit! I have seen folks overcome daunting obstacles. I have seen quiet the demons inside their heads and conquer fear, self-doubt and dread. Seen it with my eyes.  

READ THIS from @dirtjoy! Then watch the video below!

#50: Choose based on aim, not mood. Relax your body. Relaxed body=honest body. (Red Hawk) ————————————————————— Recently I got asked to produce a video. I'm excited, but I've found myself cold with fear over and over as I've started work. This happens every time I get a creative gig—I'll be going about my day when I remember the project or get an email from the client and WHAM, I go cold. My hands go numb. Everything freezes except my mind, which starts rapidly inventing worst-case scenarios. - If you never take the time to observe or question your emotions, you'll live by them. They'll make choices for you that you might not actually want or that aren't in your real best interest. It might sound like "I'm terrified—I should pass on the project," or "You upset me—I should end this relationship," or "I feel unsure—I shouldn't go." Basically, any time it sounds like "I don't feel good, let's call this off," you need to be paying attention. - Lately, when I find myself kidnapped by fear, I stop. I watch my thoughts say, "Equipment will fail. You're a joke. You won't get the shots." I feel the ice in my body and the numbness in my hands and the trapped-bird panic of my heartbeat. And then I take a deep breath and consciously relax my body, feeling that, too. - The story line of failure and embarrassment goes right out with my breath. It's fucking amazing. From there, in a less paralyzed state, I can see the story for what it is: an old pattern. An attempt to gain control. It tells me I can't trust myself, and I know that isn't true. - My gut fear reaction isn't something I can avoid. The reaction happens too fast. But I've exposed its trick, and I can choose to move forward despite and alongside it. - Develop the ability to notice your emotions instead of living inside them. Choose to see them for what they are: patterns. Patterns of tightness in the body, speed of thought, energy. Feel your body when you are anxious, furious, sad, elated. Notice chest squeezing, gut churning, numbness, heaviness, expansion. Observe and consciously relax. THEN choose. - #100waystochangeyourlife #thework #selfobservation #fear #anxiety #therealyoga #montana #bozeman #horsesforever

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