4 rounds for time:

100 jack ropes (out+in=1)
25 pushups
25 KB jacks 25/35
25 standing mid cable row 5/8
25 press jacks 15/20 ea. 
25 V-ups
25 plank jacks (out+in=1)
250 m row

Post time to comments. 

Daily Extras - None today. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. I'd do this one in the order written. 
  2. It's a lot of jacked ropes. Remember, you are not counting the hits, you are counting the out + in.
  3. Snake em if you got em.
  4. The KB will drift just a little further up during the Jack than what we usually call for. Do what comes natural, unless natural = super far from the norm. 
  5. If you are inexperienced with the press jacks, use only 1 DB. 
  6. Keep those abs tight on the press jacks. Well, actually, keep them tight on everything. 
  7. Plank jacks will be a treat right after those v-ups. 
  8. try to do the row in under 1 min. 

I love "Smarter Every Day." Always have. If you haven't sub'd to Destin's channel, please do so ASAP. Also, If are new to this, and don't want to see all the science-y stuff, skip to 5:15 for a VERY motivational message. I think maybe it applies.