AMRAP in 25 min:

250 m row
10 deadlifts AHAP
10 OH DB press (strict) AHAP
10 lat pull downs AHAP
1 lap elliptical 6/8 (<65 rpm)
1 min standing spin bike sprint

Post rounds completed and weights used to comments. 

Workout Notes:  

  • The intention of this workout is to spike your HR with a sprinted row + heavy weights then force it to recover under moderate activity.
  • To get the most out of this workout, come a little early and play with the weights you'll be using during the workout. Start light then find 85% of your 10 RM for each of the weight exercises above. I need you at or near your 10 rep max (RM) throughout the workout. Only when you are ready though. Rookies don't even try it. 
  • To give you an idea, Rob H. pulled a 185 for DL, 13 on the pull-downs and used 40s OH! 
  • Now, plow this thing! Most of our vets got around 4 rounds of this in the beta version. I challenge you to get 4 again! (rookies ignore)

Monday Musings ...

I might have found a hole in the world. Then again, I'm not that up to speed on social media. If you know of any Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers who are doing daily social media (especially video) could you point me to them? Please leave links or @'s to comments.