4 rounds On Trainer's Count:

20 band twist punches R med/heavy
20 band twist punches L med/heavy
20 band high elbows R med/heavy
20 band high elbows L med/heavy
20 situps
20 BTB squats
400 m. run

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Daily Extras - 

4 rounds of:

15 burpees
15 pushups (strict)
15 v-ups

Try not to rest at all. (hehe. Good luck with that.)

Workout Notes:

  1. The most important thing to remember with these band twist punches and high elbow band pulls is to keep the wrist, elbow, and shoulder all on the same plane.  There should be no bend in the wrist or drop in the elbow.  All three joints aligned will save you from potential injuries in these joints.
  2. The focus of the movement should be in the core.  It's core/ab day. 
  3. Originate the power of the movement in the hips, not the arms.
  4. This is an OTC (On Trainer's Count). Come on time if you can, so we can all storm it together!
  5. Watch the YouTube video (R) for DB alts if you don't have access to resistance bands.

Musings ...

Oh, yeah ... it was our birthday yesterday!