35 min AMRAP.

400m run
25 ski squats M/H
25 DB alt. conditioning curls 15/20 ea. 
25 tap down crunches
2 min plate switches
25 triceps cable press downs 4/8

Post rounds completed to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Doing this one again because the Independence day celebrations have put our programming off a bit. Since we've done this one recently, stacking today and tomorrow might not be as rough. Yep, we are stacking this week.
  • Fair warning: it's a LOT of cardio. 
  • If you need more (cardio) try stacking 2 plates or try this.
  • Minimizing shoulder involvement here to make room for Th & F. 
  •  No cables? OH DB triceps ext. for you.
  • I'm a little iffy on the weight suggested for triceps press downs. Experiment with the weights. Let me know what you settled on (in comments). Weight should be just barely manageable on your first set of 25. The next set may not be. That's fine. 
  • Tap down elbows and toes on EVERY crunch. 
  • Pelvis and shoulder blades and pelvis come off with EVERY crunch. 

Musings ...


"Sequential Programming"

I put up the daily workout with the absolute INTENTION that you'd make appropriate modifications to it. Mods that suit your own specific needs and desires. You'd be surprised at what you can get our unique programming to do for you. With just a bit of tweaking, you can get it to add more muscle (shaping bias), add strength (strength bias), add cardio (HR bias), enhance your rehab and etc. That's ON TOP of the myriad of benefits you'd get from General Physical Preparedness (balanced strength, stamina, cardio, flexibility, coordination balance, accuracy, power, speed & agility) our stuff is famous for in the first place.   

It doesn't take much to make these mods. Maybe it does. Maybe ... I mean, if you are lacking the key ingredient you might have a hard time making appropriate adjustments. What is the "Key Ingredient?" 

It's Common Sense. 

We'll get into more about how to make specific alts & subs later this week, but before you start changing anything, you'll need to understand the First Principle of GPP Programming. It's the Principle of Sequential Programming

GPP programming is sequential. It's purposeful, balanced programming where each workout I throw at you throughout the week builds upon the last. So, the workout we do on Friday is there because of what we did from Thursday back. My commitment to you is, if you do every workout as written Monday - Friday I will improve your fitness over 10 different aspects of fitness and I will balance these over the 4 cardinal movements (push, pull, squat, core). By "balance" I mean, I will put all of it on you in a way that is equally stimulates your body from left to right, top to bottom and back to front. It's a tall order, but over the years I've gotten pretty good at it. In fact, some might even say, I've developed a "knack" for it. It's a complete type of programming that provides stellar results that are equally as functional as LOOK GOOD ON! 

You'll need to keep our "Sequential Programming" philosophy in mind when making your own alts and subs daily. The last thing you want to do when making modifications to your daily workout is just throw a bunch of shit against a wall and hope something sticks. This makes your programming, at best, incomplete leaving you to spin your wheels with inefficient and sucky workouts yielding poor/slow results. At it's worst, doing this will expose you to injuries and set-backs. It also makes your personal "programming" on par with most other fitness methods out there. When it comes to poor results, do you really want to be just like everyone else?  

The quickest way to think about making mods is by understanding the 4 cardinal movements. Your body only moves in 4 ways. It pushes, it pulls it squats and it cores. Everything I program follows these principles. So if you are making modifications to your daily workout, just trade like for like. For example, if I program OH presses, and you KNOW due to past experience that full rang OH presses make your shoulders pinchy, simply recognize this movement as a "push." and trade it out for another push type of exercise that doesn't aggravate your shoulder. Can't think of one? A GPP vet or trainer will help sort you out either in person or in comments. 

What you don't want to do is trade a push for a squat, or anything else other than a push. Doing so might expose you to over-training. Just because we may be kinda light on legs today, you never know what I'm going to throw at you tomorrow. If you sub a squat for a push and I come at you tomorrow with hella squats, you're in trouble! Remember, soreness is not a badge of honor. 

It's that simple. Trade like exercises for like exercises. Or even better, do your best interpretation of that movement with a smaller ROM and lighter weights. When in doubt, lighten up, form up and fly on!

That little tiny bruise is the reason we warn folks to keep their legs together during tic tocks.

That little tiny bruise is the reason we warn folks to keep their legs together during tic tocks.