Warm-up - 

200 stab crunches
30 OH BB push press 45/65
30 front squats 45/65
200 KB swings 25/35

Workout - 

10-9-8-7-6 reps per set of: 

thrusters AHAP

post weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras - Only if you HATE yourself.

100 weighted walking lunges 15/30 ea. (1+1=2)

Workout Notes:

  • You don't want to start with the KB swings. Wait to do them until after the crunches. In fact, it'll be best if you perform the warm-up exercises in the order written.
  • Thrusters are notorious for making your back twinge if you get out of whack a bit (poor form). Be careful with the weight you select. 
  • Because thrusters can be back wreckers (when done poorly) I'm not going to chance a twingy back all week. I'll be shallowing up my squat just a bit. This has been helping me tons lately. 
  • Thrusters are also notorious soremakers. This is redundant, but BE CAREFUL. 
  • Remember, thrusters are about generating drive from your hips to drive the bar OH. 
  • Notice the weights for the walking lunges. Any time you see "ea" after the weight suggestions, you are expected to do a weight in EACH hand.
  • If your hams and glutes are roughed up tomorrow, give us a "HELL YEAH!" in comments. 

Holiday Hours

GPP HQ is closed Wednesday, July 4th in celebration of USA's Independence Day. I will not be posting a workout.  

Musings ...

This moved me today. Thought I'd share.