Warm-up - 

5 GPP complexes 45/65
3 sets of 10 OH DB strict press (light to medium)

Workout - 5 rounds of:

10 pushups (strict)
15 stab DB chest flys AHAP
20 triceps pushdowns (AHAP)
rest 2 min.

Post strings of pushups and pushdowns, plus weight of stab flys to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Perform 3 bouts of as many continuous mins of plank holds as you are able. Rest 1 min between each bout.

Workout Notes:

  1. A single GPP complex is comprised of 25 individual reps over 5 separate movements. Click link for demo. You must not put the bar down (you may tap it) once you lift it until all 25 reps are completed. 
  2. Weight those pushups if needed. You should struggle to get 10.
  3. No cables available for pushdowns? The original version called for bench dips.
  4. The 2 minute rest is a part of each round.

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