Warm-up by performing 2 increasingly heaver sets of each movement below. Use reps suggested per exercise for warm-up.

With ea. rep at 2-0-2-0 speed, complete 4 rounds of:

10 OH BB press (strict) 45/65
10 fr squats 45/65
10 stab assisted chinups  
10 v-ups

Post alts (if any) plus instructions to future self for how to get more out of this workout next time.

Daily Extras - 

20 mins of steady state cardio. Mix it up if you want to (10 min bike, 10 min elliptical, or whatever)

Workout Notes:

  1. Go to the burn on each mvmt. 
  2. Use heavier weights (if needed) to achieve burn.
  3. Use lighter weights (if needed) to achieve burn.   
  4. chinup alt (bands)
  5. If I'm being honest, I'm prob going to do pull-downs today. 
  6. Take those v-ups at a super slow speed. 
  7. If your tailbone says "no" to V-ups, go ahead and switch for situps on a stability ball
  8. You are not on the clock. Do not perform this workout for time.
  9. Do the extras today!