Complete in Couplets. Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of couplet with no rest before moving to the next.

4 rounds without rest of: 

15 OH BB press (strict) AHAP
75 rope jumps

4 rounds without rest of:

15 DB bent rows AHAP
75 rope jumps

4 rounds without rest of:

15 front squats (use cleanable weight)
75 rope jumps

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 4 rounds of:

15 burpees
15 pushups (strict)
15 v-ups

Try not to rest at all. (hehe. Good luck with that.)

Workout Notes:

  1. I wanted a repeat of Wednesday here. Then I thought, "Boring!" So, this is close.
  2. The rests are built into the workout even though it says "no rest." 
  3. Move quickly between couplets. 
  4. Use DBs for the bent rows. I know the demo uses a BB. It's the same movement. Just stand a little more upright and use DBs for the weight. You may also use KBs.
  5. For the ONE person who was confused, "cleanable" just means, don't take it from a rack. 
  6. If I had to guess, I'll probably end up using 65-75 lbs (45-65 ladies) on the OH press, 35s-40s (25-35 ladies) on the rows, 95-115 on the fr squats (65-95 ladies). 
  7. I plan on crushing the extras today. That burpee/pushup/v-up combo is ROUGH on the core and I need it today.