10 min AMRAP:

250 m row
20 hanging Aussies
20 alt. DB biceps curls 15/20 (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.  Rest 1 min. 

10 min AMRAP:

20 plate squats 25/45
20 lunge switches (L+R=1)
200m run

Post rounds completed.  Rest one min.

10 min AMRAP:

20 incline pushups
20 OH triceps ext. 15/25
20 mountain climbers (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.  

Workout Notes: 

  • A guy emailed me a pic of himself doing hanging Aussies from a treadmill with his feet on a stability ball once. A group I know of does hanging Aussies by lowering rings almost to the floor. 
  • It's simple, grab a plate 25/45, hug it like you LOVE it & squat. No weighted plates? A kid will do. Or a very large cat.  
  • On mountain climbers: touch knee to elbow EVERY time! 
  • Core week! 
  • See musings (below) about incline vs. decline.

Musings ...

Incline Pushups?


Decline pushup (above), right?  NOPE!  This is an INCLINE pushup.  Most fitness experts call this a decline pushup. These people are what I like to call, "WRONG!"  

They'd be right if they were calling this a "declining body pushup."  For the BODY truly is on  decline but, they are not calling it that.  They are calling it a "decline pushup."  By calling this a decline pushup, they are naming it after the movement, NOT the body position.  This indicates that the PUSH phase of this movement is to be done on a decline and it does not.  The MOVEMENT of the push INCLINES.  Hands begin at or below the shoulder height then move up toward the head as elbows extend ... IT'S AN INCLINE!     

For this exercise to be called a "decline" the MOVEMENT of the hands must decline toward the belly button.