• In two minutes you are to run 200 m then complete the assigned reps below.
  • At the top of a new 2 minutes, repeat the series but add 2 reps per exercise.
  • Continue with this as far as you dare!
  • Once you've gone up the hill as far as you dare, repeat that round and come all the way back down the same way you went up.
  • The Rx goes to those who take no breaks and complete all of the reps! 

200 m run
5 DB OH press 15/20 ea.
5 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
5 squats

Post highest reps series completed and IF you were able to come back down the hill without a break. 

Daily Extras -

  • Keep hold of the DBs during the squat (front squatting them = better). 
  • Run 1 mile after the workout

Workout Notes: 

  1. Look carefully! This is NOT the same workout as last week for some of you!
  2. Reps will go as 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23. 
  3. Not many of you will go much further than 19. Please post if you do.
  4. After completing your reps, whatever is left in your 2 min is your only "rest."
  5. You'll need to get on your horse during the run if you expect to get any reps done.
  6. Strict reps will help develop muscular appearance. Reps done quickly adds to conditioning without as much "shaping" effect. You decide what you need most today. I'm going to do a few of both.
  7. Sit squat Hip Mobility
  8. Thanks to the folks at Venafi who helped me create this one.

Hell no! 

Hell no!