4 rounds at a moderate pace

5 burpees
25 v-ups
5 burpees
25 tap down crunches
5 burpees
25 bar kicks 25/45
5 burpees
25 uni hipups R
5 burpees
25 uni hipups L

Post how you are feeling this week and what you think we should do for tomorrow's workout. 

Daily Extras - Wherever you see "5 burpees" - make it 10!

Workout Notes: 

  1. You'll be tempted to try and do this workout "for time." Don't. Remember, today is "Pre-hab" day. 
  2. In life, either you are doing burpees or burpees are doing you! 
  3. Pro Tip: One Thing to NEVER do During Burpees
  4. On uni hipups: extended leg should hover beneath the level of the working leg.
  5. Elbows and toes must touch down before each TDC.
  6. You never really realize how much you use your abs during burpees until you pair them with ab exercises! This is especially true of V-ups. 
  7. Thank you to Deb Hauck for designing this new workout. 

There are some things you can't argue with.

There are some things you can't argue with.