5 rounds quickly:

20 sit & reach situps 6/8
20 V-twists 6/8
20 counts - stability planks
20 stability sideups R
20 stability sideups L
20 ea. uni hip-ups  R
20 ea. uni hip-ups L
400m run

Post Rx or portion finished to comments. 

Daily Extras - carry a 15/20 lb. DB with you on the run. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. Yes, yes we did this one recently too. What can I say? I guess I'm on a roll. 
  2. Why isn't this one for time? If you rush a balance move it usually shortens the ROM which can significantly decr. benefits. 
  3. Sit & reach situps are meant to incr. hamstring flexibility. 
  4. Don't v-twist with your arms. Use your shoulders/torso to move the ball.
  5. Want more out of those planks? Use R leg only for 10 counts, then 10 counts L. 

Musings ...

GPP Podcast #4 - Josh Patel

When I call for 95# on a DL, Josh will do 200+. He will doggedly sit there and finish ever last rep at, many times, double the recommended weight. Everybody wants to know what his deal is. In this podcast, I get to the bottom of it.