800m run
100 double unders (each missed attempt counts)
100 anchored stab situps


3 sets of 8 front squats AHAP
3 sets of 20 shoulder weighted walking lunges AHAP (R+L=2) 
3 sets of 20 good mornings (very light)

Post weights used to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Rookies cut those anchored stab situps in half, or less.  They will make you very sore, or injured unless youclick pic to enlarge are specifically conditioned for them.  
  2. To "shoulder weight" a lunge, simply place a bar on the shelf of your back (rear delts) as with back squats.  See video HERE.  See pic to the Right.
  3. Those of you who have 100 straight DUs should try THIS instead.
  4. Err on the side of CAUTION with those good mornings today.  We are only doing them to provide a resisted stretch to the hamstrings. If you get low back pain AT ALL reposition the bar further down your back and retry.  If it persists, sub the move for 3 sets of 2 minutes of assisted hamstring stretches (6th stretch down the page).  

Musings ...

Q: "Oh My Gosh you guys make us squat a lot.  Why?"
A: It is a simple answer.  We do, because you do - A LOT.  I usually follow that answer with this question:

"If not to prepare you for every day life, why else would you exercise?" 

Ever stop to consider the number of squats you do in a day?  Think about it.  How many times did you squat, or use elements of a squat today?  

How many times did you sit in a chair?  How many times did you pick something up from off the ground?  How many times did you get into and out of the car, the bus, the train, a bike?  How many times did you lean over something that was in your way?  How many times did you carry something heavy (yes, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, kids, baby seats, groceries, etc. - all count.).  How many times did you push, or pull something heavy for short or long distances?  How many times did you run, or walk fast?  How many stairs did you walk up?  How many curbs did you hop?  How many times did you push something with your legs.  Did you kick anything today?  Did you jump, leap or lunge?  When you cleaned that mess on the floor (x5) how did you get there and back?  

Point is, you squat A LOT.  In every example above (not an exhaustive list) you used elements of a squat to make it happen.  As soon as humanity finds a way to make it so that humans don't have to squat so much while still retaining the healthy benefits of nearly continual daily squatting, GPP will back off this fundamental form of functional training.  Well ..., a little. 

I would say this is Team Camo for the WIN - at least, for today! #tonyandsidgothustle