Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes you are to sprint 200m, do 5 burpees  and complete as many squats as possible.  
Rest precisely 1 min. 

Post squats completed from each round to comments.

Daily Extras - Add 3 rounds!

Workout Notes:

  • Modified this from a squat to a V-up. You never really think much about how hard you use your abs during burpees - until you put V-ups with them. 
  • Pro Tip: One thing to NEVER do during burpees
  • In life: you are either doing burpees or burpees are doing you!
  • Push that Sprint. Push the burpees do V-ups till you can't (NOT you rookies)You do get a full 60 seconds of rest. 
  • Keep your form. Sometimes when those reps start climbing and we are going for speed, we have a tendency to not complete reps. 
  • Modify the sprint by using the row/bike/elliptical. That's :50 seconds flat out!
  • Its been a while since we have done this one. Go check out the comments from one of the last times we did one like this, they are actually quite entertaining.

Musings ...

Points are in! We have a WINNER! 

Congrats to ALL of the teams. Blue took the points win, but there are no losers here folks. Thank you to ALL who participated. Am so inspired by you! Loved working out with you all month! Will miss your energy. Big thanks to LeeAnn Jones and SidneyTony Lawson for being such a big part of our lives over the last month!

The points break down:


  • Total Points: 7385
  • Total Members: 60
  • Average Points/Member: 123.08
  • Average Points/Day/Member: 3.85


  • Total Points: 5794
  • Total Members: 59
  • Average Points/Member 98.2
  • Average Points/Day/Member: 3.1


  • Total Points: 5166
  • Total Members: 60
  • Average Points/Member: 86.1
  • Average Points/Day/Member: 2.69

Click HERE to see how I told TEAM BLUE! (LeeAnn recorded the convo on FaceBook Live)