AMRAP in 35 min

400 m run
25 plate squats 25/45
2 min cardio (bike, elliptical, rope jumps, switches, etc)
25 pushups (strict)
2 min cardio (bike, elliptical, rope jumps, switches, etc)
25 bar kicks 
25 mid cable row 7/9

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

*Add 10 minutes to your total time.
*Add 25 lat pull downs 5/7 to each round. I suggest beginning the workout with them.

Workout Notes: 

  • Added a pull to this classic workout. Needed one today. 
  • Really push that cardio. The point of this workout is to blow out those lungs.
  • Form up on the lifts. Try to get those muscles burning. Plus, it's your only rest!
  • Plate squats = grab a plate 25/45. Hug it. Squat it.
  • Use whatever bar you like for the kicks. Heavier works best for the guys.

Musings ...

All You Need to Know About Molecular Motor Proteins on Valentines Day!

Take the next 35 min and watch this. It is excellent in describing the physical motion of molecular motor proteins. I know it sounds complicated. It's not. The vid makes it very simple and visual. I wish they'd have had this type of instruction when I was in school.