Set an alarm to beep at you every :30s. When you hear a beep, do front squats as outlined below. Next beep do the pullups. Next beep do the OHs.  Continue rotating through the exercises as described x 8 rounds. Every :30s you should be doing a different exercise. It is NOT all three exercises every :30s.

front squats 65/95
OH push press 65/95

After you've completed your 8 rounds of "Crazy Eights" rest 3 mins. Then complete:

500 rope jumps
2 laps elliptical 8/10
4 min spin bike

Post “DONE” to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Watch the Instagram Vid for the explanation as to why Crazy Eights again so soon. The video is a repost, but the reasons are the same.

  2. Experiment with the weights. Crazy Eights should leave you in a writhing pile of muddled sweat and tears by the end. 65/95 will not serve the saltiest of vets. 

  3. Remember, this is a 12 minute all out blow! Push yourself (vets only). 

  4. Post weights used to comments, you’ll be glad you did as a reference and so you know how you’re progressing. 

  5. If it's not bad weather or icy where you are, put an 800m run at the beginning of this workout and an 800m run after instead of the cardio posted. 

Musings …

Repost from November 5th.