One time through:

50 stab crunches
50 lunge twists 15/20
1 min cardio
40 stab crunches 
40 lunge twists 
1 min cardio
30 stab crunches 
30 lunge twists 
1 min cardio
20 stab crunches
20 lunge twists 
1 min cardio
10 stab crunches
10 lunge twists 
1 min cardio

Workout Notes:

  1. We are a little light on legs this week, so lunges it is!

  2. The lunges are R+L=2. You're welcome.

  3. Lunge twist: A regular walking lunge holding a dumbbell at your waist. Step forward into the lunge with your right leg and twist to the right at the bottom of the lunge, then repeat on the left side. 

  4. Stab Crunches: Be sure to get fully extended back on each rep.  Interlock your fingers behind your head (keep elbows back please).  Flex your trunk as far forward as flexibility will allow. 

A Special at GPP???

We almost NEVER run specials at GPP. When we do run them we never run them during January. It’s our biggest month - no need. But, this special isn’t as much for other folks (well, it kind of is) as it is for you. Just to say thank you! Frickin love you, man!

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