AFAP with great form: 
Complete each of the five couplets of exercises 3 times before moving to the next couplet. May complete couplets in any order.

first couplet: 
10 sumo side steps R with plate 10/25  
10 sumo side steps L with plate 10/25 
20 burpees on plate

second couplet:
20 press jacks 15/20 ea.
20 situps

third couplet: 
20  KB high sumos 35/53
200 jump ropes

fourth couplet:
20 step back lunges (R+L=1) with DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
1 min spin bike sprints

fifth couplet:
20 jump squats
200m sprint

Post done and extra weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras -         

Add another round to each couplet.            
Sub jumping goblet squats 15/20 for jump squats

Workout Notes

  1. It’s a good way to finish leg week!

  2. This workout could be done for time, but form is also important for a few of these movements (i.e. sumo sidesteps, high sumos and weighted step back lunges). Do these movements quickly but with concentration on form.  Keep your chest high, no tweaked backs today.

  3. Move quickly to and from each movement and between each couplet. Make it worth your fitness.

  4. Biking is 1 min of full out SPRINTS!

  5. If it is icy where you are, choose any 1 min cardio sub for runs.

  6. Keep your elbows higher than your wrists on the high sumos.

  7. Both arms come up on the biceps curl at the same time (not alternating) when you step back into the lunge. Also, that means 40 curls, so swing those suckers (not strict curls).

  8. No bike? Do mountain climbers for 1 min. Ouch!

  9. There will be a lot going on on the floor today, be aware of those around you.

  10. Vets do the extra rounds and weighted jump squats suggested in the extras.

Musings …

DW is always ahead of the game. He found this cool “Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy” place called “Restore” at 1202 Wilmington Ave. in Sugarhouse for us to try today. I’ve been super curious about cryotherapy and IV vitamin therapy. Was pumped to try it out.

You can choose different treatments. I got the “immune boost.” It consisted of extra hydration, trace minerals and a metric shit ton of vitamin C! DW got the B12 (energy) with a side of glutathione (detox & antioxidant). I’ve been sick as hell this week. Flat on my back for 2 days now and felt like I needed something to pull me out of the funk I’m in. I’ll admit, I felt better leaving the place (1 hr later) than I did going in. Worth it!

While we were sitting there DW chatted up the owner. Brody King is a helluva guy. I really liked him. He’s super passionate about helping folks and he’s in terrific shape. Plus he’s a certified fitness geek. Loved learning about all of it. You should go see them! I’ll bring some coupons into the gym today. He’ll give you 25% off any treatment if you mention GPP!

My fav was the cryotherapy. Interesting as hell. They claim cryotherapy decreases inflammation, boosts immunity and boosts endorphins. I can tell you this, after doing my 3 mins of cryo (see vid below) I ran across the street (dodged a car, like barely) without pain. Almost EVERY step I take while running causes intense pain in my R knee. This is especially true of the first 100 steps or so. NOT today! Weird. Check out the experience.

If you found this vid interesting or helpful, please like/share. It helps us a ton! If not, cool.