Every 1/2 minute for 20 minutes, alternate between the following exercises.

10 BB bent row 45/65
thrusters 45/65

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments.

Daily Extras - Try it with 12 rows and 6 thrusters 

Workout Notes: 

  1. You can't put too much focus on the inward curve of your low back today.  Spine stabilization is imperative to prevent injury.  It is imperative with ANY workout, but the exercises we are doing today lend themselves to more anomalies than most others.   

  2. Please use the mirrors with your workout.  Watch for any signs of excessive rounding of the low back.  Try to make corrections if/when you see them.  If you aren't sure ask a trainer.  If you've no trainer.  Please post a video to FB and we'll have a look. 

  3. We love the thought being able to help each other virtually.  Hope you'll participate.  

  4. Neutral Spine (From GPP Intensive Training)

Musings …

(Re-post from yesterday)

GPP Podcast

Bob Grove

I am totally devoted to using my fitness in ways that interest and edify me and those I love. To live this life without the vigor to do all I dream of, feels like a desolate existence to me.

Bob Grove knows how to live. He’s a great example of GOYA and doing cool stuff. He is the undisputed king of the “day trip.” He know every highway, byway and back road in this region. I had the opportunity to chat with him on Wednesday and pick his mind about ways I can accomplish these goals.