10-8-6-8-10 reps per round of BB bent rows (heavy)
3 min plate switches (4" platform) 
5 sets of 20 Aussie pullups
3 min stationary side hops R (4" platform)
5 sets of 15-20 shoulder shrugs 15/20
3 min stationary side hops L (4" platform)

Post weights used and failure points from the shoulder shrugs to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. Monkey Motion? (Musings by Neil) 

  2. Do lifting segments in straight sets.

  3. If needed, use monkey motion for rows and Aussies.

  4. You may count switches and side hops toward your cardio.

  5. The weights suggested for shrugs will be too light for some. 

Musings …

A letter from Debbie. myfitnesspal.com says situps and crunches are bad for you. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the letter Debbie.