4 rounds:

150m row (arms only)
15 BB biceps curls 45/65
150m row (arms only)
15 high band curls M/H
150m row (arms only)
15 DB bent row 15/20 ea. 

Post "done" to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 supersets of:

50 stab crunches
50 stab back ext.

Workout Notes:

  1. With the total # of rounds some of you got yesterday, there is NO WAY I could program pullups today. Yes, even though it is pull day.  
  2. Rower resistance should be lowered. Setting 3-4 is best.
  3. Not in a hurry today. Stay busy, but off the clock.
  4. Use SLOW speed (2-0-2-0) for all work reps. 
  5. Feel the burn.

Musings ...

You only have 2 days left - sound off!!!

Where you at bae? Haha! 

Don't do anything stupid, but if you're close - get there! Can't believe we are doing this thing! Srsly, when I proposed this a month ago I thought, "There is NO WAY! Like there will only be 4 or 5 of us that get it all 40 done. 

It's NOT the case, friend. There are dozens who finished all 40! In terms of full disclosure, It looks like I won't be one of them. 

"THE HELL," You say!?

Yep, right after pushing "post" last Friday eve, I started feeling chills and aches. Came down with that ugly flu bug everyone's been fighting. It has put me flat on my back for the last 3 days. No time to make up the ones I've missed over the last 2 days and still stay healthy. All I can do now is cheer you on from the sidelines! 

I'm damned proud of you. Even if you didn't make it and you tried, I'm still proud. Sometimes finishing these things just come down to dumb luck. I've got some cool things in mind for the future. I'll be sharing within the next couple of days. In the meantime, soldier on!    

I think I'm only missing the yellow one! 

I think I'm only missing the yellow one!