For time:

15-16-17-18-19-20 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

25 pullups
10 min cardio

Workout Notes:

  • Meg-inator is a classic GPP "soul crusher."  It is as challenging mentally as it is physically.   
  • From a physical standpoint, Meg-inator has crushing power, both during the workout and, potentially for the next several days.  It is wise to respect her.  Wiser still to know your limits.  We NEVER program workouts with the intention of crushing your soul.  We find no health in that.  There IS, however, health in pushing your limits - to some degree.  We've learned that the human body is ultimately more capable than most have given it credit for.  There is health in finding new ability to DO.  Meg-inator will surely accomplish this.  This unique workout can also be a bit of a head game.   
  • Pushing your reps uphill every round is NO JOKE.  By adding more reps every round, it is hard to find and maximize points of reference for small rest periods.  Pacing yourself to achieve the best time possible becomes increasingly more difficult with each round.  Sure, it is only 3 measly reps per round, but what you find out quickly, is that the 18 rep round is a completely different workout than the 15 rep round you started with.  The 20 rep round is exponentially more so.  
  • I totally know you would rather go downhill with this workout. Don't do it. 
  • Good luck today.  Please post your best used methods for coping with the challenges of this workout to comments.

Musings ...

Why do we STACK workouts at GPP?

I wrote something up on this a few years ago. Read that HERE if you like. Otherwise, here is a current (made it today) video with a few thoughts on the subject: