For time:

20 squats (air)
200m run

30 squats (air)
400 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

30 squats (air)
400m run

20 squats (air)
200 m run

Post time to comments. 

Daily Extras - To each round add the same amount of situps and superman back extensions as you have done squats for. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Note the two 800s back to back.
  2. Squats are named for how they are weighted.
  3. No sloppy squats!
  4. Many of you should be doing the extras today.

Musings ... (repost from 4/12/17)

Go To The Pain

I have become fascinated by pain as of late. Particularly pain from the cold. I recently read a book ("What Doesn't Kill Us"), that explains it like this:

We live in a 70 degree world now and it's probably not healthy for us. 1000 yrs ago, the human body had to cope with large daily temperature swings of 50 + deg depending upon which parallel she lived. Large swings in ambient temp forced our bodies to work to regulate our core temp. Just like any other natural stimulus (sunlight, exercise) our bodies have adapted health benefits linked to adaptation to natural phenomena. Why wouldn't it? I mean, we all know that the sun's rays can be damaging in large amounts, but we also know that without sunlight the human body becomes sick and weak boned. Wouldn't the same be the cold and other natural phenomena?

Most interestingly (to me) are the experiments I've been conducting on myself in an effort to increase my resistance to cold and perhaps reaps some of the healthy benefits.

Check out the Wim Hof Method. This stuff is starting to gain credibility in the highest acedemic circles. 


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