Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes complete:

6 busters 15/20 ea.

Post reps completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 5 rounds of the following:

1 min wall sits
:30s rest

Post reps completed and seconds missed (wall sits) to comments.  

Workout Notes:

  • Classic soul crusher.  Hang onto your shorts. 
  • I have fallen out of love with the jump at the top of this movement, but didn't have time to re-film the move. Drop the jump and be sure to get your hips and arms fully extended at the top. 
  • Be careful with your back today.  Sometimes when the going gets extra rough (like today toward round 17) we lose a little focus on form.  It's understandable, but unwise.  As you come out of that burpee and begin to heave the weights, take just a small pause to reset your spine.  If you do, you should be just fine. 
  • Some of you get a little backache with burpees anyway.  It is the nature of the move for some.  Doubling that up with a lift from the floor could be cause for a bit more worry.  So, if you are prone to back pain (even if you're not) , take this move a bit slower than usual burpee speed.  And form up that spine when pulling from the ground.  It'll keep you healthier. 

Musings ...

Should I Be Doing the Daily Extras? 

They're about your psychology, NOT your physiology!

Honestly, I haven't done the Extras 3x in the last two years, but I get it, some of you HAVE to! 

Aubree fixes her V-up! It goes: upper body THEN lower! 

Aubree fixes her V-up! It goes: upper body THEN lower!