10 power cleans AHAP
50 tic tocks R 25/35
10 power cleans AHAP
50 tic tocks L 25/35
10 power cleans AHAP
50 V-ups
10 power cleans AHAP
50 V-twists 15/20 (R+L=2)
10 power cleans AHAP
50 situps 

Post weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras - complete 3 rounds: 

15 lat pull downs (heavy)
15 BB bent rows 95/65

Workout Notes:

  • It'll be good to get back on a heavy bar today. Cleans are terrific for your core!
  • I struggled leaving "AHAP" as an intensity suggestion today because there are so many of you who are new here. I'm going to leave it because I don't believe in "programming down" to people. Doing so is the trainer equivalent to talking down to someone. I think better of you than that and want to treat you with the respect you deserve. That being said, remember, 50 power cleans is NO JOKE. Go heavy enough to stimulate fitness - no more. And for the new among us, welcome, I'm glad you are here. Be careful. If you are unfamiliar with this lift please choose a weight that can't hurt you and just drill the movement. Use DBs if you need. 
  • You're not on the clock today, but stay busy.
  • Don't skip around much. It's best to start at the top of this one and just chip away at it.
  • You only get 50 tic tocks go heavier if you need, unless you did a bunch of them yesterday. If this is the case, maybe skip them altogether. 

Musings ...

Proper Grip for a Pulldown? 

It feels so natural to grip the bar at shoulder width for a lat pulldown. So why do they tell us to grip it wider than feels natural? 

It's about what you hope to accomplish with the pulldown.

For Strength

Those looking to increase over-all strength of their pullers, would do well to just reach up and grab the bar at, or near, shoulder width. Doing so will spread the weight over more muscle groups and develop strength in the arms and back more uniformly. 

For Muscle (Lat) Development

Those primarily looking to shape and develop muscles of the back, especially lats, will do better with a wider grip. Gripping the bar wider puts the arms at a mechanical disadvantage placing most of the stress on the lat muscles. Bodybuilders love this method because it shapes the lats more intensely giving them that nice "V" shaped appearance.  

If they had it, I would buy flooring featuring chalky handprints for my home. 

If they had it, I would buy flooring featuring chalky handprints for my home.