For time:

50 situps
50 crunch twists L
2 min cardio (bike, rope jump, elliptical 8/10, row, burpees)
50 crunch twists R
50 back extensions
2 min cardio (bike, rope jump, elliptical 8/10, row, burpees)
1 min 6" leg hold
50 KB juggles 25/35
2 min cardio (bike, rope jump, elliptical 8/10, row, burpees)
50 tick tocks L 25/35
50 tick tocks R 25/35
2 min cardio (bike, rope jump, elliptical 8/10, row, burpees)
1 min ab bridge hold
50 crunches
2 min cardio (bike, rope jump, elliptical 8/10, row, burpees)

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Daily Extras - 2 rounds of COTM:

100 STAB crunches
100 STAB twist ext (R+L=2)
33 tick tocks R 25/35
33 tick tocks L 25/35
100 plate switches 4" plate

Workout Notes: 

  • Crunch twisting to the R means only R. They are repeaters. 
  • Don't love the thought of juggles? Cool just let it fly a little bit without flipping it (demo'd on the R). Letting it go at the top of the arc and catching it on the way back down will still reward you with most of the benefit (sans coordination & accuracy). 
  • Why KB juggles? It really is a different thing. 50 swings vs 50 juggles feels VERY different. Plus, I like to stimulate as many aspects of fitness as possible. Juggling a KB increases your skill, coordination, balance and accuracy. This is in ADDITION to the normal benefits of a KB swing. We don't do these all the time so try to milk as much benefit from them as possible. 
  • Does the 6" leg hold hurt your low back a smidge? Try bending your knees, elevating your legs and pressing your low back into the floor harder. 
  • If you are looking for a little more out of those abs today, consider switching crunches for crunches on a ball.  Don't have a ball?  Cool, just roll up a towel and place it in the small of your back.  Keep the small of your back pressed into the towel at all times as you do your crunches.
  • If you do the extras, just keep in mind, it's a LOT of TTs. Most of us will get sore from 50.  

Musings ...

Many, Many PRs Fell Today! 

Congrats to all who took their fitness to new heights today. Back when I first administered this workout I truly thought it miraculous that a few went under 20 min. 8+ yrs ago it was unfathomable to me to see the numbers ya'll put up today. Even more amazing to me was that many of you who put up PRs today were with me in that little FitZone gym 8+ yrs ago! Can't believe you all continue to progress and develop and improve year after FRICKIN year! 

You'd think, at some point, the progress would slow or stop. I mean, some of you were in your early 30s back then. It was the prime of your life physically. To think you'd be still improving and, in fact, stronger while in your 40s isn't easy to wrap my mind around. And trust me, the fiterati isn't ready to hear it, much less believe. Haha - they are so far behind! 

Here's to even more improvements in 8+ years from now! CONGRATS my friends!