Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of couplet before moving to the next. 

Four rounds:

15 BB biceps curls 45/65
:45 sec elliptical sprint 8/10  

Four rounds: 

15 front squats 45/65
:45 sec standing spinbike sprint

Four rounds: 

15 pushups
45 sec plate switches (4")

Four rounds:

15 v-ups
25 box jumps 

Post "Done!" to comments.

Daily Extras - None today. 

Workout Notes:

  • An elliptical sprint = keep speed above 75

  • What does 8/10 on the elliptical mean? Females use level 8, Males 10.

  • How to set elliptical level? Jump on and crank the platforms until display lights up -> push "quick start" lower left hand corner -> select number of desired level OR up/down arrow.

  • Don't sit down on the bike. Standing simulates a sprint.

  • Keep the pushups strict, unless you are gassed from those pushups yesterday. If so, skip them. We've done enough this week!

  • I prefer the much safer OG box jumps. Maybe that's because I'm an OG.

  • No elliptical/bike? Cool do a commiserate amount of cardio (RIP, burpees, rope jumps etc.)

Holiday Hours

GPP HQ is closed Monday Sept 4th in observance of Labor Day.  

We workout all year for days like this! Hope you'll enjoy a safe and active holiday with your loved ones.   


As you may know, I think sweat angels are an underapreciated art form. Love this Pac Man!