Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.

KB swings 25/35
elliptical 10/12 (speed 65+)
rope jump (double unders preferred)
spin bike sprints

Post total reps for KB swings & rope jumps, distance for row & ellipse to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Choose 2 of the movements above (or a weak area) and do them again! Do all 5 over again if you're feeling froggy!

Workout Notes: 

I don't really program Saturday's. It's not that I DON'T program at all. It's against my nature to just throw any old thing out there and let you work with it. But, Saturday workouts are extra credit. If you missed one during the week, I'd prefer that you come in on Saturday and make it up. If you didn't miss any, the programmed Saturday workout is usually a fairly middle of the road gig. It'll get you a workout, but I try hard not to leave you limping - much!

Musings ...

GPP Principle of Half

Earlier in the week I explained that GPP workouts are INTENDED to be modified to suit your specific needs. That there is NO WAY one workout could serve the needs of the masses. That we are all so different, we'd need to change certain things about ANY workout. 

At least I think I said all of that :). 

In any case, I've never really done a vid to the GPP Principle of Half, which is generally where most of us should get started with this stuff, so here it is:


  1. GPP workouts are rough.
  2. Balanced intensity is where the magic is.
  3. You shouldn't do one of our workouts full speed until you KNOW where you are with them.
  4. Even experienced exercisers have gotten crushed by their first GPP workout. 
  5. You should half EVERYTHING.
  6. Wear the half workouts for a day or two.
  7. Once you've done a few of these workouts go ahead and start adding things back.
  8. Don't lose a week of training (maybe more if you injure yourself) to foolish pride.