EMOM for 20 min:

10 jump squats
7 burpees

Post reps missed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Add 10 min

Workout Notes: 

  1. I struggled with the thought of putting this one up on a Friday. Argued with Tara (designer) about it all morning. It turns out, once again, she's right tho. Now, I like M,W,F workouts that are more balanced. Needed a push, pull, squat and core in this workout. But looking back, we are covered for the week. We have balanced all of your cardinal movements. All I really need today, in terms of programming, is a "soul crusher." Need to put your HR on the moon (if you are ready for it). 
  2. No you don't alternate movements every other min. You must finish all 17 reps within each minute you are on the clock. Whatever is left over in your minute after you complete the reps is your rest.
  3. Those squat jumps are NO DAMN JOKE! 200 of anything will sort you out. Please scale if you are new to this movement.
  4. Even if you've done the movement before, but haven't done this workout, scale baby. 
  5. Last time I programmed 200 jump squats, some of you got STUPID SORE!
  6. GPP Soreness Scale  

Have been toying with making more of these. I know they are a day late and a dollar short in terms of yesterday's workout, but at least we have them now. Are there other alts/progressions you'd like to see filmed? Post to comments.