For time:

200 m run
50 Smith machine bench press 65/95
200 m run
50 jumping pullups
200 m run
50 goblet squats 15/20
200 m run
50 situps
200 m run
50 stab ball back ext
200 m run
50 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea. 
200 m run
50 triceps cable push downs 5/7

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Replace 200 m run for 400 m run.

Workout Notes: 

  1. That Smith machine bench press is cool. Hope you kept a record of the weights you used last time, some of you got pretty sore from this.  
  2. I wouldn't do this on a regular bench press. 50 presses is NO JOKE! Don't want to put yourself at risk of dropping the weight on your neck! 
  3. Don't alternate the biceps curls. 
  4. If you KNOW (a few of you salty vets will) you'll go under 20 min to get this done, do the extras! 
  5. Post your time. Srsly, it'll help me program this one in the future! Thanks in advance.  

Musings ...

I'm Not Programming For Everyone???

I recently came under some friendly fire. Things were said, things were done and the result was my "feel goods" were made to feel ... bad. I have some pretty thick skin, but I hate to let people down. Especially when it comes to my programming. 

The criticism was the GPP programming that I write and post every single day is "too hard" as written and the moves I recommend are "definitely NOT for everyone."   

After much soul searching and a couple chomps of stale crow, I have come to the following conclusion: 

They are right. My programming, as written, is NOT for everyone. BUT ... It's FRICKIN close!

I purposefully designed GPP Programming to serve the needs of the masses. As humans we all have the same physical needs. From young to old, from able to variously disabled, those needs will vary only by degree (intensity) not kind.

For example, we all have the same need to squat. Squatting is a natural movement that strengthens the human body in countless ways. Squatting improves our ability to move, to burn calories, to utilize and balance our hormonal system. Squatting strengthens our bones, improves our balance and improves our immune function. These are just a FEW of the things squatting can do for us.  

To do it right, we need to cover the spectrum of squatting. IOW we need to squat relatively heavy for few reps and we need to squat relatively light for numerous reps and everything in between. Mixing things up like this covers the gamut of health since we have systems built within our bodies that need certain stimuli to make positive, lasting, healthy change. It'd be a mistake to think a person could get the healthy benefits of heavy squatting with lighter reps.  

Not all of us can squat though. Not fully. Some of us are limited by our physicality or by a limited understanding of the movement. Does this mean we shouldn't try? NO! I means we should try. Remember, MOVEMENT begets better, more functional movement. But it also means, the benefits of certain squatting movements and intensities may not be as available to you as they are more experienced, or able folk. Even so, we should still try to gain the most benefits we can from our present understanding and/or ability to do this movement. Many times this should be done under direct professional/medical supervision. But wouldn't that be the same with any movement? 

Wouldn't it be silly to think that it'd be possible to write a workout recommending movements, weights/reps/rounds for the masses without INTENDING for these to be changed commiserate with one's understanding and abilities? 

Here's the secret: I wrote them with the INTENTION that you'd make appropriate changes!   

Your safety is my number one priority. So is your health and fitness. The stuff we do here works. It works on a level that is unprecedented in this industry. I put it out to the world with faith that you'll use it appropriately. That you'll use your head and slowly & deliberately work your way from a beginner into the more advanced stuff. That you'll make modifications which suit your specific needs and present understanding. I have faith in you. I always have. Unlike others in my profession, I don't think people are idiots. I think they are smart. I think you are smart.

So please make this your own. My programming may not be for you, but the programming I created is amazing and it can be modified to suit your needs with very few changes. I'll have more on how to modify workouts throughout the week! Have a great week!        


It's why she do! (Becky H.)