Warm-up - (slowly)

10 inchworm halos 25/35

Workout: (for time)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps per set of:

dead monster complexes 65/95

Cool Down - (slowly)

10 inchworm halos 25/35

Post time of workout (dead monster complex pyramid) to comments.

Daily Extras -

Repeat portion of complex from 10 down to 1 before completing the cool down. Include this with your time.

Workout Notes: 

  • You HAVE to keep your back straight (neutral spine) throughout these movements. Be careful, sometimes, as you get tired, you'll lose form and let some slop creep in. NO SLOP! You may pay dearly for it!
  • If you have to go down in weight use DBs and do a step back instead of a roll out. Bars with little 10s on the ends will taco. No bueno! 
  • During the pyramid - go hard (if you are ready) vets! This one should make you cough all day. 
  • Remember, don't do 10 full complexes for the multiples. Do the multiples by performing reps of each individual movement before moving to the next movement. See vid for demo. 

Musings ...

Pain & My New Invictus
(song below)

I doubt there would be more than just a few folks on earth with as complete an understanding and appreciation of #pain like successful GPPeeps have. 

Pain, as WE all understand, is part and parcel of the process of healthy change. Not talking about the pain of stupidity, only the pain of the forgers fire. The kind of that purifies, shapes and hardens us, strengthening our resolve to be greater, stronger and better than before.  

Those who seek to avoid the unyielding and inevitable pain of the process of improving health and fitness will fail to realize their lofty aspirations. These become destined to submit to their lack of will and are forced to relinquish command of their own fate.

While the rest of the world is submitting to the falsehood of "an easier way" relenting to its inadequacy, Peeps are throwing down, hardening up and moving forward en mass! 

I say bring the pain. I love it. It "made me a believer!"