Two times through - 

On "GO!" class performs 1 min cardio sprint. Go HARD! Cardio activities might include:

elliptical 8/10 (speed 65+)
spin bike
plate switches

Before rotating to next cardio sprint, class comes together for 30 slow count reps OTC of ONE of the exercises below. We will rotate between these:

twisting good morning 15/20 (R+L=1)
bar kickers 25/45
tic tocks 35/54 (15R+15L=30)
KB halos 25/35 (R+L=1)

Post "done" to comments

Daily Extras - Do the whole thing again for time! Post time to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's easy, you go from a cardio sprint to ONE of the ab exercises. After that, switch to a different cardio. Rinse and repeat. Rotate through it twice.
  • 30 reps is NO JOKE! We are specifically programmed to do sets of 20 at GPP. This will mean stepping way out of our comfort zones. 
  • Trainer will push you to be back to work within 15 seconds of the last exercise.


It was late, it was dark, but we still got out to use our fitness Sunday eve! (Holbrook canyon)