5 rounds for time:

5 monster complexes 75/95
200 m run
5 monster complexes 75/95
200 m run

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Daily Extras - 

Sub every other 200 m run for 400 m!

Workout Notes:

  • Today's notes are a bit of a critique of my own training skills. When we first developed this "Monster Complex" move (Dec 18, 2013) we were super excited about putting it out. This move has it all - push, pull, squat & core! 
  • We filmed the demo for the movement as we tested it. It was good demo, thanks to how quickly Chelsea picked up on this new move. She did it perfectly as instructed. We are lucky we had her for the demo. But now that we all have a little more experience with it, we've discovered it needs some tweaking. 
  • To get more out of this move, walk the bar back closer to your body with each rep than Chels does in this demo. As you bring it back closer to your shins (let the bar touch) sit back through your heels and set your back before lofting it to your shoulders.  
  • The demo vid is fine, but we at GPP strive for excellence. 
  • To do this move with DBs (off-site), drop DBs to the ground and walk feet back to plank position. Do pushup and reverse by "pulling" both feet back up to piked position. continue as above.

Musings ...

On Being Vulnerable

I hate vulnerability too. Nothing scares me more than appearing to NOT have my shit ALL THE WAY together. It's why it took me years to put all my ideas about health and fitness out to the world. Truth is, I still haven't. Maybe someday I'll get the courage. 

Changing our ways makes us feel weak, awkward and unskilled. It's the world's greatest lesson in humility. Many who attempt to become healthy and fit cannot confront this lesson head on. This is a shame, because by not confronting this short lesson in vulnerability, we are cursed to LIVE the consequences of our foolish pride endlessly.

Kudos to those who brave the unknown and take control of their lives by giving up the appearance of being in complete control at all times. I admire you and strive to be more like you.